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Welcome to the Floro Blue Printing website.

Floro Blue Printing Inc. is the retail arm of the Floro group of
companies.  Founded in 1954, the Company specializes in
reproduction and reprographic services, equipment, and supplies.  
These include high volume copying, white/blue printing, CADD
plotting, book binding, and microfilming.  The Company maintains
over 20 shops to serve Filipinos in Greater Manila,
Cebu and Davao Islands.


f l o r o f o t o   is a trademark  for  Floro Blue Printing's products
and services involved in the photo industry.   These include film
processing, photo digital printing, Identification card printing,
Beta/VHS tape conversion to Digital Video, photography and video  
coverage services for weddings, graduations,
and   other special events.  
The Company maintains photo shops in Greater Manila and
Cebu Islands.
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Floro Blue Printing

306 Jovan Building
#600 Shaw Blvd
BluePrint, Plotting
Engineer Copier
Digital Photo and
Video Products and
Desktop Publishing
f l o r o f o t o
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Floro Blue Printing, Inc.
f l o r o f o t o
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