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Document Conversion Services
We offer the services of
converting documents from
paper to digital, paper to
microfilm and microfilm to digital
Floro Blue Printing, Inc. is a Filipino company with over 50 years
in the reprographics
,  reproduction, and photo industry.  
The Company maintains retail branches in Metro Manila and
Metro Cebu.

Floro  Blue Printing's branches provide products, supplies and
services for high volume copying, blue printing, risograph
printing, book binding, CADD plotting,
 large format color
oster printing, desktop printing, digital scanning,
microfilming, photofinishing, video coverage, and
photo digital printing.
Digital Photo and Video
Products &
Blueprinting and Plotting
Supplies & Services
Engineering Copying
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Floro Blue Printing
306 Jovan Building
#600 Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong


Tel: 533-2584
email: admin@florofoto.com